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deloitte ranked it number one on their 2012 technology fast 500 list. not only that, the model has been named car of the year but automobile magazine, yahoo, and the coveted "motor trend." jim, i've test driven the model s, and as the "wall street journal" car guy says, it's a beautiful car that goes like the stink of hell. i couldn't agree more. do you still think it's too speculative? >> i was talking to my friend mike faber -- i mean david faber. mike faber's the guy from homeland. he said jimmy, have you checked out the tesla? my take is tesla didn't go down because romney lost but i need earnings. i've got enough problems with the companies that have big earnings, big dividends, i don't need to go into the speculative mode right now. please be careful. with the fiscal cliff looming the early bird is not catching the worm right now. it's just getting crushed. okay? the fiscal clifford, yes -- fiscal clifford, the big red ink dog is going to crush the early birds. it's too late to sell for most stocks already, though. well, let's say for a lot of them. and it's right to start legging
's detrimentally impacting sectors like technology and industrials. >> josh is fairly defensive. he likes health care. that's one of the areas that you highlight as well. it appears from your sector weightings that you're pretty defensive. consumer discretionary staples, health care where you want to be. >> we've been in an increasing defensive position. we started to move defensively. most recently this week we've downgraded technology to underweight. we've downgraded the media segment to discretion marry. media looked a bit rich and technology was just awful in the third quarter. in combination with the economic trends we're getting more defensive. i think you can hide out in some of the more earning stable names. you have pretty decent names in staples and discretionary. >> your expectations for technology, you don't think that's come down enough and if we get a fiscal cliff resolution, you'll get these companies spending again. what is your thought there? >> i think in terms of the absolute earnings reduction, i think we're quite frankly only halfway there. the consensus is expektding 12% gr
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)